Are you looking for Pain Relief? If you are committed to returning to the life style you enjoy living, then you have come to the right place. Lighten Up Therapies Massage offers you a place to relax, restore and reconnect. Pain relief is our speciality and people find good results with Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Massage.


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Craniosacral Therapy Massage

This is not your typical Massage.  With an emphasis on Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Therapy, I like to focus our sessions on pain relief in a way that meets you in trust, with skill and compassion.  Our work together touches into the physical body to release stress patterns that lead to pain and re-align the body with optimized structural posture, but also supports emotional and spiritual transformation.
Are you ready to begin feeling better again? With over 20 years in helping clients dealing with chronic debilitating neck and lower back pain, trauma injuries such as concussions, and also people facing serious illnesses, Sharon Hartnett LMT creates a sacred space for healing and re-connecting to joy!  
Located on a beautiful horse farm in Johnstown, Ohio, surrounding by fresh air, horses neighing, and roosters crowing.  Clients love the sense of peace in nature they feel when they drive on the property.  
For clients who prefer to stay closer to the city of Columbus, hours will soon be available starting January in Worthington on Wednesdays and Thursdays at: 6563 Proprietors Rd. Ste. 103


Pain Relief with Craniosacral Therapy Massage
Craniosacral Therapy Columbus Ohio


Why choose Craniosacral Therapy as your Healing Resource?

The main benefit of Craniosacral Therapy is that it can help you to relieve deeply held stress and pain patterns by working directly with the the body’s own inherent intelligence to self-correct Central Nervous System dysfunctions. When you feel good on a daily basis, it helps you to create better relationships, set and accomplish your goals with more ease, and to enjoy life to its fullest!


Craniosacral Therapy Massage in Columbus
Massage Room



Our Special Massage Offer for first time clients in November is $10.00 off your first session.

While our goal is to help you feel pain relief and get you feeling well as soon as possible,  it is important to realize that while sometimes one session will be all you need, we encourage patience and giving yourself the gift of time for 3-6 sessions to discover the integrative massage benefits of bodywork.  We offer bundle packages for those who are committed to the path of health and wellbeing.  With an upfront paid 10 Session CST package or 10 Sessions of Structural Integration, ask for your $25.00 discount.


Looking for a fresh air experience?


During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, weather permitting, feel free to ask for work outside on the farm.  Most of the time the horses are munching leisurely on the grass.  At other times, they feel spunky, usually with the change of weather, and put on a show. We can set the table up outside and set the stage for some horse energy to add to your Craniosacral Session. You may also hear the roosters crowing or the chickens clucking. Perhaps Mike the cat meowing or the dogs barking. All part of the farm experience for you when receiving nature during your craniosacral therapy session.


CST Massage
Relax with Craniosacral Therapy Massage


The work that Sharon has done with me over the years has shown to be tranformative in how I engage in all aspects of my life. I have never had such a profound healing experience as in the different forms of massage, bodywork and energywork that Sharon brings to each and every session. She is one of kind in the type of therapeutic work she does and the longrun impact it has had on my body and with my health. She is profession and very knowledgeable in her field of Integrated Facilitation Work. -Donna C

Sharon’s combinations of in depth healing skills and massage bodywork makes it possible for her clients to heal long standing issues, blockages, and pain. Working with her has given me a new ability to participate fully and constructively in life. Anyone influecenced by the Power of Now will benefit from working with Sharon to become more present. -Susan F

In working with Sharon, I found that she is very dedicated to my path of healing. Sharon’s devotion toward her work with her clients is inspiring. Her skill set, expertise and knowledge has taken me to depths I had not imagined and have not found anywhere else. I always fee very supported and held in the beautiful, sacred space Sharon has created. I highly recommend a session with Sharon. She is amazing. She has changed my life! Thank you Sharon, from the bottom of my heart. -Cande

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The Lighten Up Signature Massage Can Include:


  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • SomatoEmotional Release 
  • Self-Discovery with Horses
  • Basic Lymphatic Drainage
  • Grace Massage based tailored toward your spiritual faith

  • Myofascial Release
  • Structural Integration
  • Trauma Healing
  • Hakomi Coaching

  • Brennan Healing Science®
  • Young Living Oils Raindrop Therapy®
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Aromatherapy

Ask about Craniosacral 1/2 day or full day intensives with water work and equine facilitation.


*If you have experienced trauma, please let your therapist know in advance so that extra care will be brought to your session.

Likely Outcomes:

  • Overall Pain Relief
  • Flexibility
  • Deep Relaxation and Better Sleep
  • Enhanced Sports Performance
  • Increased Vitality
  • Better Balance

I like to reward people who make referrals. If a client comes in and mentions your name during a session,  you get $10.00 off your next session.

Massage Referrals
Massage Columbus Ohio 


Take a deep cleansing breath and put yourself in our hands. It’s time to leave your busy life, the cell phone, and computer behind. At Lighten Up Therapies, in Columbus Ohio, my commitment to you is to provide a sacred environment to help you achieve your health goals. 

License Number in Ohio:  33.007505-H-K

This is a professional licensed Massage business and provide exceptional care and like to be on time. If you are late,  please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you if possible. If  there are other appointments scheduled,  you may not receive the full benefit of your scheduled time. It is best to arrive a few minutes early to guarantee you have the best experience possible!

Craniosacral Therapy Massage
Sharon Hartnett, Massage Therapist

Sharon Hartnett LMT, CST,SI: Specializing in Advanced Craniosacral Therapy®, Somato-Emotional Release®, Myofascial Release, Hakomi focused on Trauma, Structural Integration (Dr. Ida Rolf’s work), Reiki and Brennan Healing Science®.

5564 Mink St.

Johnstown, Ohio 43031

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