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The Columbus area is rather large.  So you can count on a drive to get the best services.I know there are some large Corporations with many locations that offer less expensive, newly licensed people for a monthly rate.   It’s hard to compete with that as a solo therapist.  But what you will often find with massage therapists who work on their own long-term, is that they have built their practice on experience and knowing the best tools to therapeutically help people to feel better.  We are still in business to stay because we offer the opportunity for real change and wellness.  There is no quick turnover until we find a better place to go.

And finding the best Massage Therapist for you is a big deal.  Each person has their reasons for wanting massage.  Perhaps it is a SPA fluff job.  But many people who are suffering and in pain actually prefer to be touched with expertise and good body listening and contact skills.  Nothing feels better than to know that familiar touch that knows how to release and support the body in its own healing process.  Building trust and a positive relationship over time, brings more awareness, self- empowerment, and better optimal alignment for movement.

I have been doing Massage Therapy for close to 20 years.  My work has evolved through many trainings and years of hands on application.  I am not going to go into all the techniques I employ, but will say, that as a Massage Therapist, I find great value and benefit in getting to personally know and understand what you are looking for as the primary objective.  And primary though myofascial therapy, craniosacral therapy- my intention is to work with you moment to moment through self-discovery, releasing, and helping you to meet your health goals.

Massage Therapist

Sharon Hartnett: Massage Therapist LMT

I have two locations:  Primarily Johnstown, Ohio.  And sometimes in Worthington.

If you are looking for therapeutic change, you have come to the right place!

Sharon Hartnett LMT, CST-D, SI, BHSP, Hakomi Practitioner, SER Therapist

740 966-5153

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