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Sharon Hartnett LMT


Sharon’s combinations of in depth healing skills and massage & bodywork make it possible for her clients to heal long standing issues, blockages, and pain.Working with her has given me a new ability to participate fully and constructively in life. Anyone influcenced by the Power of Now will benefit from working with Sharon to become more present. – Susan F.

Sharon has made a profound influence on my life.  Words cannot begin to express the love and genuine support I experience when we work together.  Sharon is so intuitive and her energy so present and authentic that she often senses my feelings before I do. I am forever grateful for Sharon’s commitment and willingness to help me find my own spiritual path in a kind and loving way. I have a true love and admiration for Sharon and her work. – Tracy D.

The work that Sharon has done with me over the years has shown to be tranformative  in how I engage in all aspects of my life. I have never had such a profound healing experience as in the different forms of bodywork and energywork that Sharon brings to each and every session.She is one of kind in the type of bodywork she does and the longrun impact it has had on my body and with my health.She is profession and very knowledgeable in her field of Integrated Facilitation Work. – Donna C.

The techniques that Sharon has shown me has helped me look at things differently. – Micah,  13 years old.

In Working with Sharon I found that she is very dedicated to my path of healing. Sharon’s devotion toward her work with her clients is inspiring. Her skill set, expertise and knowledge has taken me to depths I had not imagine and have not found any where else.I always feel very supported and held in the beautiful, sacred space Sharon has created.I highly recommend a session with Sharon, she is amazing. She has changed my life! Thank you, Sharon from the bottom of my heart. -Cande

Sharon Hartnett is a true healer. She is my BIP and Energy Worker for 4 years now and has done wonders for me by deepening my personal growth. She is intuitive and as my BIP, can pin point what needs to be explored in the moment. I am always amazed on what new training she is taking and this not only supports her but me as well. She has helped me explore my relationships to my family and the patterns in life I created. All have shifted for the better. Her energy work is strong and effective and very positive. I can’t say enough about her. Thank you Sharon. – Kathy


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  1. Eric

    Sharon’s unique combination of massage, musculoskeletal manipulation, and meditation provided me with multiple benefits, some of which I was not even expecting. Although it was a single session, Sharon was able to work on some of my musculoskeletal abnormalities that improved my alignment and posture not only in the direct problem area but areas in completely different but connected to the problem area. I would recommend to anyone seeking physical or mental healing.


    Sharon is an amazing healer! Her knowledge of craniosacral therapy is vital & so helpful to the recipient. I sought help with daily headaches & trauma from a previous injury (RSD of my left wrist). On my 1st session she identified the areas where flow was interrupted & released headache causing blockage. I know I will need more sessions to get relief & I look forward to them! I’m so glad I found Sharon!

  3. kathy

    I have undergone many healing modalities in the last few decades in an attempt to alleviate my chronic pain, all with temporary relief. Sharon is the first person who has been able to fully understand the problem and offer me some lasting results. With a combination of body work, craniosacral therapy and intuition about what needs done, I feel as if I am finally on the road to feeling much better permanently. I feel blessed to have found Sharon!

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