Allow Structural Integration to help you to find your breath and breathe freely again.

Breathing is actually more than bringing air into the lungs and then expelling it out. While breath is the primary life force in sustaining life,  it is also a natural massager of the most internal areas of your body.  When you breath in, the strong diaphragm moves and the ribcage and everything within is in a state of constant expanding and contracting.   Gases and circulation are being engaged.  Fluids are rushing through the veins and arteries. The wave of movement can actually reach down to the tips of your toes which you can experience if you take the time to be mindful of breath and its’ far reaching capacity to nourish life. The body is a miracle and unlabored smooth breath can keep you healthy.

Positives of Healthy Breath-  sleeping better, reducing the effects of high blood pressure, when there are good levels of oxygen in the system-cancer finds it more difficult to live, anxiety and depression can be relieved with fuller deeper breathing.  The heart is supported when there is less tension with the ribcage. People who practice yoga and breathing techniques feel more connected between the mind body & spirit to name a few.

One of the best things you can do to open up the breath is receive work that lengthens and softens the surrounding fascia around the ribcage and and by releasing any restrictions nearby. Gentle and more detailed work with the  connective tissue under and on the ribs allows more movement and freedom and relief  is often experienced.  Often ribs get stuck or moved our of alignment and when freed up,  global pain in all parts of the body can diminish dramatically too.  With just one session of Structural Integration or diaphragm releases, you should feel more centered, healthier and flexible.


Structural Integration's benefits

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To find out more benefits of finding your breath, check out Dr. Weil’s recommendation for mindful breath:

Sharon Hartnett LMT

Columbus Ohio