Craniosacral Columbus

During the last 10 years, I have thrown myself into Craniosacral Columbus work.  Why?  Because I have seen so many positive results for my clients without having to dig in.  For many years, I focused on deep connective tissue work.  I thought that by throwing my body weight in that I could get great results.  Often I did.  But that type of work can be quite uncomfortable. So, I decided to go for the more light touch work that worked with the body rather than pushing through to see if I could get as impressive results for pain relief and integration.

When a Craniosacral Therapist listens, your body tells us where there are restrictions in the functioning of the cerebral spinal fluid, and also the fascia.  This “inner guidance” directs us where to go and how to support the Central Nervous system to function at its best. The more I practiced Craniosacral Columbus therapy, I began to see my clients to go deep inside.  Their bodies relaxed.  Their stressed disappeared.  Many times, I have had clients falls deep into sleep after not being able to sleep for weeks.  The fascia began to melt so easily, excess energy released, and people woke up with no pain, feeling clearer and happier.

This was an easy decision.  If I could help clients… people in pain from car accidents, those dealing with concussions, and neck and back pain, those with high anxiety-  the  picture was clear. I found my way to serve.

If you would like to find out more about Craniosacral Columbus therapy work,  contact Sharon Hartnett CST-D for information.  She is an accomplished CST therapist who has reached the highest certification through the Upledger Institute.  She has over 20 years of experience in bodywork, massage, Hakomi and other healing techniques.

Craniosacral Columbus

Craniosacral Columbus

Located in Johnstown, right outside of New Albany on a beautiful horse farm.  On occasion working in the Worthington space.

If you haven’t found stress relief or for your body pains, please call for a free 15 minute consultation at 740 966-5153!

Warmly,  Sharon Hartnett CST-D

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