Take this unique opportunity to experience Craniosacral Therapy (CST) out in the Pasture with our horses.

Come visit us at our Johnstown location for an introductory session of Inter-Species dialogue. 

                                  740 966-5153

For the first session, the massage table is placed out between the two horse fields. Once you feel safe and secure, we set up the experience so that you can feel the connection with the herd and the energy there. Next, we begin the bodywork. The last 15 minutes of the session will be meditating out in the fields, giving you space to integrate and find deeper grounding.



Some say that this type of work is magical and awakening.  We have so much to learn from other species, and horses, in particular, are very present in the moment. Horses bring their essence into every experience. Their honesty and transparency touch us with such clarity. Horses communicate mostly by reading body language… the mindful exploration you do with the horses and the CST work can help you to bring more awareness to your physical being, as well as feelings, and beliefs that are found in day to day relationship. When people become more conscious, they become more empowered to create through clear intention. There is something beautiful and wise in these magnificent beings that helps us open up beyond our old limitations.

We also offer a progression series of 6 sessions focused on  relational experiences with the horses that opens the door for Self-Discovery.

 Please call Sharon Hartnett CST for more information at 740 966-5153