Meditation is Bliss! Life is so busy these days. It’s rare to naturally find the time to relax and enjoy doing nothing. Yet it is important for each of us to have a safe and quiet space to let our guard down and just “Be”. It does take intention to give this gift to ourselves.

Have you ever sat in the silence of a moment? The preciousness is sacred and often quite peaceful~

Meditation is a practice that teaches focus on awareness. It brings more clarity, along with an expanding open mind~

Mindfulness allows one to explore both what is happening inside and outside with a fullness that feels ripe and complete. It helps to bridge the two through healthy integration~


Most people believe meditation is all about stopping thoughts that seem to be looping through our minds. In fact, it is more about training the mind to bring conscious attention to exactly what does spring forth in the moment from the well of our thoughts and deeper. It is about finding an appreciation for all of creation, making it easier and easier to be in acceptance to what IS.

Meditation can be done on a walk through nature. It can be done sitting in a jail cell. It is an awakening tool that can be done anywhere and anytime for free. Putting in the time will bring rewards much greater than anything else you can do. You might find that with a little curiosity and mindful awareness that you will go deeper and feel more alive than ever before.

Meditation can be done in any religion. It can be done with no belief at all. Each person has a capacity to discover oneself. The pathway is available for all who commit to walk the path. Take the time to care for yourself. Find a quiet place in your home, outside, where’ve you feel comfortable the most. That way you can relax when you first begin. Then let the practice of meditation take flight.

Craniosacral Therapy can help you too with this process. It is a type of bodywork that includes meditation with guidance. It supports integration of the mind, body &soul. If you are interested in journey together, call Sharon Hartnett CST-D for a free phone consultation at 740 966-5153 in Columbus, Ohio.

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