Deep Tissue Massage Reaches those places you didn’t even know hurt….

Deep Tissue Massage can release deep tension areas in the body certainly.  And many clients who come in for a massage request it.  Resolving those deep core issues can unleash the healing potential in your body on many levels.

As a Massage Therapist for over 18 years, I have learned that there are more than a few ways to access the deeper imbalances in the body.  And it’s not always the way you think.  Initially digging in is not always the best way to address pain in the long-run, in fact; in may be counter-productive.  Personally, I have had some big muscles athletes come in and say that they want a lot of elbow work.  Sure-  I can do that and it does have an appropriate time and place.  But if the tissues aren’t ready to receive that type of touch, the body can go into defense and fight the work.  With the way that most of us work hard each day and and deal with stress in our personal lives, we deserve to have a session that complements our health goals.  The best way to unwind those long-held tension patterns is to:

  • Start superficially to release the myofascial dysfunction there, and then layer deeper down.
  • Being Mindful will bring more awareness to your own body and how you hold stress and can release it.
  • Breathe and notice how your breath stops and/or flows.  Where does it go and where does it stop?
  • Plan on a few sessions so that your therapist can meet you were you are for uniquely tailored sessions.
  • Dialogue with your therapist as to what is helping you to release.  you will know what is working.
  • Let your therapist know if you are on any pain medicines so he/she doesn’t overwork your muscles.
  • Be curious if your Massage Therapist is present with you rather than doing a routine.  You’ll be surprised that if you are mindful, you can feel the difference.
  • Have clarity about your boundaries.  Some work may be uncomfortable, but let your therapist know if it is helping or making things worst.  If you want more pressure, ask for it.
  • Ask for different types of massage work.  There is a huge variety of modalities such as Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Swedish and more.  It will help you know which suits you best.  Some can be light touch, but feel rather profound.  Others may be physically deep but feel like there is no real contact.  A good therapist will find a way to touch you the way your body needs to release tension, and yet make it comfortable enough that it feels good.
  • Educate yourself.  Therapists vary in their approach and the tools they use.  Interview them about their experience.

Deep tissue massage helps to relax muscles, increase oxygen and blood flow to your muscles.  It helps the body to remove toxins and metabolic waste from sore and overused muscles allowing quicker recovery.  Deep Tissue Massage feels incredible with it is done appropriately.  There is nothing that feels better than when pain dissipates and pleasure take over.  When our bodies feel healthy and in balance, life takes on a whole new look.  Joy and a positive attitude take over in the absence of pain.

If you want to focus on realigning your posture with slower and deeper massage work, you are in for a treat.  Feeling good and feeling alive!

deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

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