It’s time to shine your light!

It doesn’t serve anyone well when you keep your light dim. But sometimes, people don’t know the way out. They don’t know how to take the next step to move to the next place in regard to their dreams and hopes. But I say, “Why not choose Joy?”

What I find helpful in my life are these keys for movement of the soul:

  1. Be Mindful
  2. Dream Big but be ready to put work into it. Commitment is important.
  3. Realize that there is always help available. So reach out and ask for it.
  4. Know that empowerment comes from being in the Moment and making the best choice you can right here and now.
  5. Notice how grace works for you. The Universe is at your disposal.
  6. Question your thoughts that keep you limiting yourself.
  7. Live in Gratitude and say thank you.

One of the most difficult things for people who are not accomplishing their goals is that the past keeps them down. To realize your dreams, it’s important to realize the conscious and unconscious patterns that you keep generating and believing.

My friends, it is time to spread your wings. The world will be a better place, and so will you.

Sharon Hartnett CST-D Johnstown, Ohio 740 966-5153

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