Bioaquatic Therhapy

Bioaquatic Water Therapy

Water Therapy brings you closer to the Source of Fluid Movement.  

Craniosacral Therapy in the water is an extraordinary experience in that it allows the body and emotions to be expressed more freely and with a fluidity that is difficult to match on a massage table.  The innate feeling of being supported in the liquid smoothness of the water feels absolutely nurturing, like a mothers womb, embracing and singing to the tissues and bones.  As the therapists hold you floating in the gentle movement of the water in which you are immersed,  the Craniosacral Rhythm is monitored. An inner movement begins to stir in dialogue with the hands barely touching but continuously listening to what wants to be expressed in your Craniosacral System.  A subtle movement of the cerebrospinal fluid propels the cranial bones and body to move into waves of flexion and extension.  This deep core life-force is interacting with the environment inside the body.  As the client rests in the arms of therapists, often the body awakens and starts to dance in a known but newly expressed ease. With some people, this may mean a gentle rocking that is supported, others may go into a deep stillness with the slightest vibration, and others may begin to twirl around in circles unleashing a current of unbound energy. Whatever experience emerges in an expression of restrictions and releases.  As the energy pulses, new possibilities toward health and wellness open.

For an incredible group experience of Water Craniosacral Therapy,  look at: Integrative Intentions.   Until we get started in Columbus, I would recommend this Therapy Center for Comprehensive intensives.  They offer Water therapy in New Mexico, the Thermal Waters of Iceland, and with Dolphin Therapy in the Bahamas.  Their work is extraordinary and there is no experience like it on earth.

Sharon Hartnett LMT studied Water Therapy at Integrative Intentions and recommends their programs highly.  

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