Yoga is much more than I had ever imagined it to be…

For a long time, I have been working with people on the massage table.  I used to do really deep structural work though, and eventually bowing over the table took its toll on me.  So I decided at 57 to do something about it.  During the last 15 years, I had re-focused most of my gentle practice on Craniosacral Therapy, and integrated everything else as secondary, and to use as needed.  This was a good change for me.  Much easier on my body as I transitioned. Now, I also work with energy quite a bit and that in my opinion, is an integral part of healing.  Most recently though, I splurged on me, and  I signed up for teacher training at Yoga On High.  I realized that I had to do something that was centered only on me and my health and wellbeing.  I deserved to feel good.  And I know my clients will benefit just as much!

To let you in on a secret, ne thing that massage therapists and bodyworkers often do, is help others and tend to forget to do the self-care needed.  So many burn out.  But I loved my work so much that I stuck with it.  But then my aches and pains started to show up.  So I jumped off the cliff and threw myself into this sacred practice of OM on a whim.  At 57, I forgot that I wasn’t as young as I thought I was and didn’t realize it would be such a challenge. With yoga, starting at my age- I had to take it slowly.  Most of the people who were in my class were so much younger.   It was difficult to keep up.  I had practiced Kundalini before but not at the level that the class started at.  After the first class, I thought what the heck did I get myself into?  This is crazy I thought.  And also, because my body was changing quite a bit due to the change of life, other health issues were catching up.  Menopause is a great teacher, as women change in this age group.

In any case, the best thing I did for myself though was to just show up to class. I did.  Over and over again.  Weekends, hour classes, studying, watching yoga videos.  It all counts as yoga.  To be honest, there also was  much homework.  I was surprised.  But I took it in and absorbed it like a sponge.  The more I figured out how my own body worked, and how it felt with different asana practices, the better I felt.  I learned to go at my own pace, and to honor the movement as it was.  I also really began to dig the energy there.  There is a sense of community at YoHi I did not find anywhere else in Columbus.  A place where kindness, integrity and care showed up in all things.  Month after month, I began to feel better and better.  I feel so good at the end of a class now.

All my classes are finished.  I have a few project ahead to complete, and then final certification.  I plan to take my time, and bring all the glory of peace, presence and sweetness into my daily practice.  Not sure that I will teach classes.  I feel like there is still so much to learn, and my body needs more attention.  But what I have taken in, I will share with my clients happily.  I have realized that as great as the work is that I do, people can retain the changes in their body much better with a practice.

Yoga is now part of my life.  I wish I had started it so much earlier.  The movements, stretches and strength building is much more profound than all my years working out at the gym.

Looking forward to working more and more with my clients, sharing my blessings of Yoga.

Sharon Hartnett CST-D

Yoga Teacher in the Making

Opening another Door to Life.


Yoga Teacher Training






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